The sun’s out, summer’s here! The Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches, as well as reef and beach breaks throughout the archipelago. As Filipinos, we know how to have fun and make the most of what we have—no wonder surfing and skimboarding have gotten so popular!


If only we had more time and finances to afford surfing and being at the beach all the time. Got to pay to play, right? Not really. You don’t need a ton of cash to live life on your own terms, and enjoy what you love doing.


Sell your extra surf gear

Do you own a few boards taking up space and collecting dust in your racks? The average surfer owns four (4) boards. (You know you can only ride one at a time, right?) Sell your extra surf gear on OLX to put a little extra cash in your pocket. Pass on your love for the sport with a more affordable price to other enthusiasts and beginners just starting out.


Connect with fellow surfers

Reach out to those who share the same passion as you do. Avoid overpriced boards. Find the the gear you need to indulge in your summer sport on OLX. Buy all types of boards, racks, fins, and straps at a price perfect for your budget.

Go on the biggest adventure you can take, living the life of your dreams. Get on OLX, and connect with your community. Buy the stuff you need at affordable prices, and sell the gear you don’t need for extra cash to travel and surf all summer!


What’s your OLX story?

In this summer series of #iamOLX stories, Manoy, Mark, and Vince share how they were able to live the dream, make board sports their living, and pay it forward.



Roderick “Manoy” Bazar, a professional skimboarder from Samar, has won competitions both locally and internationally in USA, Malaysia, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, and more. He sells 2nd-hand skimboards on OLX to help finance travel expenses to his favorite skim spots, as well as competitions out of the country.




Mark Villagracia, a Las Pinas skateboarder, has been skating for over 20 years. He sells his 2nd-hand skateboards on OLX at a low price, helping beginners and those from all ages and backgrounds pursue the sport he loves, skating.




Vicente Dayrit is a young entrepreneur and surfer who owns Jaromanoy Skimboards, offering custom-design boards. He found the tools he needs for his manufacturing business on OLX, where he also sells his second-hand, one-of-a-kind custom boards.



What’s your story? Share your story with us, using the hashtag #iamOLX on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @olxph. We’re listening.


We’re excited to announce the official opening of our new office today in the heart of Cebu Business Park. Joining forces with our Manila team, a bigger headquarters in Cebu means we’re getting closer to bringing online buying and selling to every Filipino, and improving their lives by bringing them together for win-win exchanges!


Ribbon Cutting of the new Cebu, Visayas and Mindanao Headquarters


May 2014, we began operations with a couple of employees in a humble 7.5 square-meter shared office. Now, we’re moving to a 103-square-meter office that’ll serve as the main headquarters to connect every OLX buyer and seller in Cebu, as well as Visayas and Mindanao.


OLX Philippines Founders RJ and Arianne


Regina Aguilar, our OLX Cebu Senior Marketing Manager, says the new office space will serve as a deal hub or a meet-up place for Cebu-based OLX sellers and buyers.

“Since our launch last year, many Cebuanos have said ‘yes’ to their yaman and are continuing to do so,” said Aguilar. “We want to encourage them to continue selling their 2nd hand items, and they can always consider meeting in the OLX office for a smooth and secure transaction.”


Media and attendees celebrating the opening with freebies, tasty food, and good music.

If you’re from Mandaue City, feel free to reach out to our friendly OLX brand ambassadors this coming April. They’ll be there for house-to-house visits to help you post your items on OLX. Gather all the 2nd-hand items around the home you no longer need, and they’ll guide you every step of the way in selling your item.


Cebu Rockstar and OLX Brand Ambassador Jewel Villaflores

We’re also expanding our Cebu team, and looking at hiring more Customer Support and Marketing Staff. So, come join us in building something amazing that’ll benefit every Filipino.

Visit us at our new office, and be a part of our online buy and sell community in Cebu! The new OLX office is located at Unit 3 Ground Floor Mercedes Benz Tower, Mindanao Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Ayala Cebu City.