When life gives you waves, learn to surf.

It was hot, wet, and sunny. Last weekend, from Oct 24 to 26, beach babes, music lovers, surfers, and artsy daisies met on the famous beach strip of La Union for Soul Surf 2014 to share the good vibes.

The OLX.ph team was there, as well as winners of our giveaway tickets, to celebrate the awesome music and surf culture, and to spread the Yesss Yaman movement educating Filipinos about online selling and coming together for win-win exchanges. Positivity!


Surf’s up

The festival was jam-packed with local and international artists, and fun activities, including a national longboard surfing competition, live tattoo sessions, art exhibit, surf camp, beer pong, and other outdoor sports.



Yesss, Ya Mon

We caught Red-I and Astrid by the stage, both amazing local reggae dub artists who frequently play at B-Side, Black Market, and around Asia. Red-I says, “OLX.ph, Yesss Yaman!,” promoting the Yesss Yaman movement.


Image source: https://www.facebook.com/red.i.soundsystem

World-Class Filipino Surfing Champ Luke Landrigan promotes OLX.ph as well, saying “I trust OLX.” He uses it to search for equipment and gear.


Play on, Mr. Music

After every surf break, artists took center stage, and beach partygoers kept it going throughout the night. OLX.ph glow sticks were handed out to the crowd, and everyone was at their happy place.

As Monday morning rolls around, we bid Goodbye to La Union, the memory of the ocean and music soothing our souls.

Catch the OLX.ph team at other awesome events, including the Sinulog Festival in Cebu next year. See you!

Take a moment to look around the house. Do you spot a trusty, old functional computer, pile of unused clothing, or late-model mobile phone lying around?


The Wealth in Filipino Households

In a new study conducted by a global marketing research company in behalf of OLX.ph, TNS found that there are around P21-billion worth of household items—slightly used but still in good condition–stored away in Filipino home.


Click the image to view the full infographic.

The worth of mobile phones alone adds up to as much as 3.5 billion while computers are worth P3.8 billion. Unused clothing is worth P1.5 million. Kitchen appliances, meanwhile, are at P1.08 billion.



The Yesss, Yaman Calculator

The Yesss, Yaman study proves the amount of untapped wealth that may be sitting in your home.

“If it’s something you haven’t used, touched, or even thought of in an entire year, it is usually thrown out.” says RJ David, OLX.ph Co-founder and Managing Director in a recent press briefing held in Shangri-La Hotel, Makati. “Thanks to our platform, you can sell it online.”

Try our Yesss, Yaman Calculator. It adds up the amount of extra cash you can earn from items around you. Compute your hidden wealth now, and you just may discover a hidden gold mine.



Filipino Wins, Community Wins

Selling your 2nd-hand items on OLX.ph is an easy and smart way to upgrade your life. You remove clutter from your home environment, while buyers receive a fair deal.

To help educate Filipinos about making the most of their untapped wealth, we go as far as doing house-to-house visits. We teach them about items that can be sold because we do believe it is beneficial to the community.

Almost any item sells on OLX.ph, with a few exceptions including firearms and endangered species. What are some of the items you can find on OLX.ph? So far, everything from personal aircraft, breast pumps, helicopters, a tank, and an island have been posted for sale on the site, revealed RJ David in the press conference.


Read more about the study:




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